The Art of Water

An online space to showcase
artistic expressions of water.
Duration 3 months
Team Daniel Lin, Dr. Barbara Krystal
Role Web Designer

Introduction /

The Art of Water is an art showcase website I launched with marine biologist Dr. Barbara Krystal in June 2021. The website, funded by a Washington State Grant, features paintings, poetry, music collected from 56 independent artists. As a digital art exhibition devoted to the theme of water, The Art of Water was the first of its kind — galvanizing public interest in the marine sciences and developing conversations about the relationship between art and science.

Since its launch, The Art of Water has been included in a curriculum at Antioch University, promoted by 9 marine science centers, and featured on a local radio.

The Anatomy of an Art Exhibit /

To understand what art galleries accomplish, I went to the Seattle Art Museum and mapped out the actions and emotions associated with attending an art exhibit.

Market Research: Online Art Gallries /

Focus Group
To understand the problem space, I interviewed the team who worked on a similar project for Foundry10 called EverydayUnboxed. Their developers, designers, and artists gave us initial input and tips on how to approach this project.

Competitive Analysis
I also looked at larger scale online art projects such as that of MoMA and UW's Henry Art Gallery for style inspiration.

Design /

Card Sorting
Since most of the information on this website was going to be static images and text, it was crucial that navigation was simple and content was well-organized. To inform the site map of The Art of Water, I conducted a card sort with Dr. Krystal.

Information Architecture
The categories obtained through our card sort helped me create an information architecture, which included additional pages such as a spot for art submissions.

I created a wireframe of our landing page which would include our art categories. We decided to go with a neutral approach by not featuring any particular pieces or artists.

Results /

Final Product
I opted for Squarespace because it has a built-in CMS and it would be easy for Dr. Krystal, who was unfamiliar with technology, to maintain and add additional works on her own. I launched the website on June 31, 2021.

Visit project

- We collected from around the world 20 paintings, 9 poems, 16 photographs, 8 songs, 2 performances, and 1 film
- The Art of Water formed partnerships with 8 marine science centers, who helped promote the project
- Project was featured on the Coastal Cafe Radio
- Project was selected for a talk at the Sailish Sea Conference
- The Art of Water was integrated into a course curriculum at Antioch University